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Australian Fiduciaries Limited ABN 22 601 228 844 (‘AFL’) is the responsible entity of the Rushton All Seasons Fund ARSN 629 361 600 (the ‘Fund’), and the holder of AFS Licence number 465658.

The PDS available on the documents page relates to the Retail (Direct) Units and Wholesale (IDPS) Units of the Fund.

The Fund offers an opportunity for investors to participate in an ASIC registered managed investment scheme, which holds a multi-asset class portfolio of investments broadly diversified across a set of global assets, strategies and risk premia.

The Fund aims to provide investors with stable returns, over and above the rate of inflation, through investment in a globally diversified portfolio of assets and complimentary investment strategies. The Fund seeks to achieve this outcome over rolling 10-year periods with only moderate volatility of returns and an overarching focus on capital preservation.

The Fund contains numerous actively managed components but operates in accordance with a strategic asset allocation that is considered optimal, on a ‘through the cycle’ basis.

The Fund has three key investment features:

  • Economically balanced strategic asset allocation– the Fund has a unique approach to asset allocation, whereby the investment manager considers the performance of a wide range of assets and strategies and seeks to balance risks across various phases of the economic cycle, with the aim of smoothing the path of returns, over time.
  • Diversified sources of return – a wide variety of highly differentiated investment strategies, such as long/short and absolute return strategies, proprietary active security selection processes and alternative assets are combined to assist the Fund to achieve its objectives, regardless of the direction of equity markets.
  • Reduced dependence on rising asset prices– the Fund employs a range of strategies and approaches that are specifically designed to rise in value in adverse market conditions to mitigate overall portfolio losses, particularly in periods characterised by falling equity markets. Although not guaranteeing against losses, the strategies that the Fund employs are intended to provide sources of positive returns during market declines, without dragging performance down in more normal conditions.

For investors seeking access to a broadly and intelligently diversified fund with a smoother expected path of returns, the Fund provides:

  • access to a portfolio of asset classes, such as shares, bonds, inflation hedge assets, alternative assets, absolute return strategies and cash, diversified across type of assets, sources of return and geographic regions;
  • access to a unique, proprietary method of balancing assets and strategies across the various phases of the economic cycle, which is specifically employed for the purpose of smoothing the path of returns, across the full range of possible market conditions;
  • the potential for stable returns above inflation, achieved through via the adoption of a well-balanced mix of growth oriented and defensive assets and strategies; and
  • reduced downside in times of falling equity markets, with an approach that is designed to prevent investors from bearing the fall brunt of declining markets.

Note: The value of your investment in the Fund may rise and fall over time. All investing involves risk. Please download, read and consider the PDS.

Should you have any queries, please contact us by email at:, or call us on (07) 3272 6000.

Rushton Financial Services Pty Ltd (the ‘Investment Manager’) is the investment manager of the Rushton All Seasons Fund and is an Authorised Representative (number 470826) of AFL.

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