Global Diversified Alpha Fund

Australian Fiduciaries Limited ABN 22 601 228 844 (AFL) is the responsible entity of the Global Diversified Alpha Fund ARSN 629 361 315 (Fund).

The Fund provides investors with a unique opportunity, as:

  • it provides access to a collection of highly intelligent investments that are operated by an experienced team of professionals and would be challenging to access elsewhere;
  • focuses almost exclusively on active management – in a world where an increasing proportion of investment capital is managed passively, a lot of opportunities are being missed and the Fund is well positioned to seek them out;
  • its investments are far less linked to the performance of the economic cycle than most ‘balanced’ or ‘diversified’ investments and our analysis shows that this is likely to result in the Fund weathering an economic or financial market downturn much better than funds which invest the vast bulk of their assets in public equity markets; and
  • the investments are genuinely diversified across a broad range of assets and strategies and this is critical from a risk management perspective.

The Fund is an objective based multi-asset registered managed investment scheme. The Fund invests in a portfolio of assets and investment strategies diversified across asset classes, sources of returns (from different asset types and various investment strategies) and investment managers. Exposure to these assets and strategies can be via investment in underlying funds, or through direct investment into securities and assets.

The diverse nature of the Fund’s investment universe and broad investment ranges ensures that it has the necessary flexibility to effectively allocate to and select those assets and strategies that, in combination, target the highest probability of achieving the Fund’s investment objectives in all market environments.

The Fund considers the risk of its asset allocation within the context of the various phases of the economic cycle, within a framework that is designed to identify, understand and minimise any inherent downside risk within the Fund. The resulting portfolios are therefore, broadly diversified across a wide range of assets, strategies and risk premia, which are designed, constructed and monitored in the context of the Fund’s investment objectives.

An investment in the Fund is very high risk. Investors should be aware that the level of diversification may vary and an investment only offers unpredictable income returns. There is no assurance that redemption will be possible.

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Important Note

As with all investments, the Fund is subject to risks which are set out in the PDS. There may be a risk that you may lose some or all of your capital and/or a reduction or cessation of distributions. Prospective investors should consider their investment objectives, financial situation or need, obtain independent expert advice, and read the PDS for the Fund in its entirety before making an investment decision. A copy of the PDS can be downloaded from our website.